Websites and activities for your children during confinement

While the current lockdown situation is difficult for many people, it can be particularly disruptive and frustrating for children. They miss their friends, they don’t go to school anymore, their daily rhythm is upset, you may even have canceled vacation and family visits. All of this, on top of being locked up at home, can make them feel like a boring punishment… But we have solutions to keep them active – without getting over-excited – and to keep their imaginations working. Many leisure activities are indeed available, even during confinement. Whether it’s ideas for online entertainment or creative family activities. We have therefore selected a few ideas to occupy your children at home, while waiting for your next family trip!

Experience the magic of Disney from home!

From Paris to Anaheim, via Orlando, the disney parks around the world are currently closed. However, that doesn’t mean the magic is gone. The many Disney Parks Youtube Channels allow you to explore them virtually and make from home “the most beautiful place on earth”. Besides, why don’t you take advantage of being at home to learn to draw ? Various artists and draftsmen offer YouTube videos to master the pencil strokes that will bring to life the favorite characters of young and old.

Want to go camping? Settle into your living room!

Activities for children: camping in your living room!
With the return of the sun and the days getting longer, many of us are frustrated at not being able to go out. Unfortunately, now is not the time to to go camping with the family… But that doesn’t mean you have to give it up completely, because with a little imagination, you can transform your living room into Yosemite National Park or the Grand Canyon. You can teach your child to build a tent Or a Fort and imagine that it is Windsor Castle. Not only will you be able to break the routine with an original activity, but you will also give your children a taste for travel and exploration. And then, admit it… You also like to hide behind cushions and under blankets!

Follow the advice of the Master Builders of Lego!

Your children like to play with Lego ? During the closing of several Lego parks in Europe and in the world, the Master Builders are here to help! These Lego construction experts share their videos on the Internet and reveal their most beautiful creations to us. Whether your child wants to assemble a rocket, a dinosaur or a castle, they’ll show them how. And maybe you’ll have fun helping him!

Find your favorite animals in virtual zoos!

Education does not stop at the school gates, and is anything but boring! To complement natural science courses, zoos around the world, like that of San Diego, offers children the opportunity to follow their favorite animals thanks to cameras installed in the enclosures. On their websites, the various zoological parks also share a lot of information about their residents, allowing you to learn more about their lifestyles. Did you know, for example, that the polar bear does not hibernate, unlike its brown and grizzly cousins? Your children will only have to impress their classmates and teachers when they find them!

Explore the world through books!

Activities for children: Explore the world of books!
Homeschooling forces many children to spend more time on the computer than usual. To help them get off screens and get their imaginations going, take the time to read with them. It will also allow them to travel from page to page. Introduce them to London with 101 dalmatians by Dodie Smith, or go to Italy with The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. And who knows? Maybe the idea of next vacation will spring from a novel!

Recreate the magical world of Harry Potter at home!

Everybody Loves Harry Potter, children and adults alike! Website (in English) offers all kinds of fun activities around the world of the little wizard! Between creative hobbies, games, quizzes, videos and articles to read, there is something for everyone. Waiting to go to Harry Potter studio in the UK and failing to travel via platform 9¾, you will have plenty to do for hours!

Finally, rest assured! The period is certainly difficult, but it will soon end. Consider using time at home to tell your family how much you love them and to bond with your children. When the time is right, you can not only travel safely, but also by being closer than ever to yours. CheckMyBus will always be there to accompany you and allow you to travel with your children!

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